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The 5th international Conference on the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard in Dubai, follows the successful annual conferences in Paris 2012, Toronto 2013, NewYork 2014 and in Cape Town 2015.

The Global Institute for Risk Management Standards, G31000, was inspired by the success of the ISO 31000 LinkedIn group, with currently engages around 60,000 members adding 1,000 new members every month. This discussion forum has become over the years the most popular risk management discussion forum, dedicated exclusively to the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard.


Alex Dali, MBA, ARM – President

The Global Institute for Risk Management Standards – G31000 is a non-profit international organization dedicated to raise awareness for the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard and associated documents.

Alex Dali is President of G31000. He holds a MSC in Chemical Engineering, a degree in Business Administration and a post-masters in Risk Management. Alex has worked and lived during the last 20 years in many countries and has demonstrated vast experience in many aspects of risk management. He is well known as the active founder/owner of the ISO31000 LinkedIn group which has 60,000+ members. Alex serves as an invited professor in several universities and institutes in the United States and Europe. He currently provides training, workshops, is involved in the publication of articles and books, focusing exclusively on ISO 31000 standard.


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